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Aerial Imagery

We Utilize DJI MAVIC 3T & Mavic 2 Pro

  • Tri-Camera.

  • Camera One: 24mm, 48MP, Electronic Shutter.

  • Camera Two: Telephoto, 12MP, 56x Hybrid Zoom.

  • Camera Three: Thermal, 640 × 512 Resolution.

  • 4K @ 30fps (85 Mbps)

  • 4 Directional Optical Obstacle Avoidance.

Thermal Imaging

4k Resolution

48 MP Electronic Shutter

56x Hybrid Zoom

Enhancing Real Estate Marketing and Sales

Aerial imagery has become an increasingly popular tool in the real estate industry, providing a unique perspective that can showcase properties in a more compelling and visually appealing way. With aerial images, real estate agents and property owners can create virtual tours that can be used for marketing and sales purposes. These images can also be used to showcase properties that are difficult to access, such as waterfront properties or properties that are located on large plots of land. Aerial imagery can also be used to create 3D models of buildings and landscapes, which can be used for architectural design, planning, and construction.

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