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Capturing drone footage for weddings and special events has become an increasingly popular way to capture unique and stunning aerial views of the event. Drones can capture beautiful footage of the venue, the guests, and the couple from a unique perspective, which can be used to create a memorable keepsake of the special day. Drones equipped with high-quality cameras and gimbals can take smooth and stable footage, providing a cinematic view that can be used in wedding videos, photo albums, and other memories. They can also capture the entire event, including ceremony, reception and the details that make the event special, such as the decoration, lighting, and the guests’ interactions. With the use of drones, it's possible to capture a different perspective of the event, including overhead shots of the ceremony, group shots of the guests, and stunning aerial views of the venue and surrounding area. The footage can also be used to create a virtual tour of the venue, which can be shared with guests who were unable to attend. Additionally, the use of thermal cameras on drones can be used to capture the event at night, in low-light conditions or in a dark environment.

We Utilize DJI MAVIC 3T & Mavic 2 Pro

  • Tri-Camera.

  • Camera One: 24mm, 48MP, Electronic Shutter.

  • Camera Two: Telephoto, 12MP, 56x Hybrid Zoom.

  • Camera Three: Thermal, 640 × 512 Resolution.

  • 4K @ 30fps (85 Mbps)

  • 4 Directional Optical Obstacle Avoidance.

Thermal Imaging

4k Resolution

48 MP Electronic Shutter

56x Hybrid Zoom

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