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It was New Year's Eve and I had made plans to attend a party with my girlfriend. I had left my dog, Nova, with my sister. Everything was going as planned until I received a text from my sister at 11:00 PM that read "Nova is missing." My heart sank as I immediately knew I had to leave the party and find Nova.

My girlfriend and I rushed back to my sister's house with flashers and emergency lights on. We searched for Nova all night, walking over 50 miles and screaming her name. We contacted local animal control and search and rescue teams, but despite their best efforts, we were unable to find her. We even created a Facebook post and it got shared over 600 times, hoping someone would have seen her.

After 12 hours of searching, we received a lead from someone who had spotted Nova in a cow pasture. We jumped a fence and ran to the location, where we finally found Nova, scared and alone. I was overjoyed to have her back in my arms.

But the experience left me feeling helpless and I knew I needed to find a way to help others in similar situations. I was determined to find a way to locate lost pets as fast as possible to avoid accidents such as getting hit by a car. I decided to purchase a drone with thermal imaging and start doing search and rescue missions for lost pets. I offer my services 24/7 throughout the entire state of Louisiana, parts of Mississippi, and parts of Texas. I never want any pet owner to have to go through the heartache and stress of losing a beloved pet like I did, or even worse, have the pet getting hurt in any way.

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